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continuaran y hasta podrian empeorar. en washington, maria rosa lucchini un- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ! ! - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! - ! ! - ! - ! - ! - ! stamn= - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
reagan washington national airport where the skies, i believe, are kind of cloudy out there and we'll find out about our complete forecast now from meteorologist tom kierein. >> a few flurries? >> me too. some people. we have, actually have had a few snow owers. we see the area of gray, that's some very light snow that may be briefly touching the ground, and that is continuing to move to the south and east out of the northwest. so, yes, in prince george's county, parts of anne arundel and montgomery and howard as well as southern fairfax they may be getting just a few flurries there and as we take a look at the temperatures now, 28 in washington, so it's well below freezing and whatever snow is reaching the grounds and sticking there may be a few slick spots. the within have diminished quite a bit since yesterday but still enough wind to give us wind chills in the teens. high today briefly touching mid-30s. chance of a few flurries this morning and again this evening and blustery winds and partly sunny on wednesday. a tad warmer tomorrow. partly sunny on thursday. looks like still
at heart. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. 6:00 on this tuesday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. we have some school closings and delays for you to a. crews are working on a broken water pipe. >> your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. the bitter cold just continues. >> you do not want to be outside without multiple layers. the wind is not intense. we have some flurries showing up the radar. look at some of these numbers. we're in the 20's. 27 in manassas. the wind is not as intense, but there is a chill in the air. flurries and limited sunshine today. through this afternoon, will climb into the mid 30's. maybe more sunshine by tomorrow. >> we use more sunshine on the highway right now. delays on 270 that will carry down to 109 and to the truck scales. this is the pace of traffic. delays out oof dale city. 234 to head into centreville. no complications around the beltway. more to come o
institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good tuesday morning. we have a few school closings and delays. garrett county schools are opening two hours late. one school in advirginia will be closed today because of a broken water pipe. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we have a few flurries outside. flurries are coming down in waldorf and manassas and dale city. some flurries and temperatures in the 20's this morning there is a bit of a wind outside. buttstock the forecast. we will seek limited sunshine. -- let's talk the forecast. the wind will make it feel like 20's all afternoon long. let's say good tuesday morning to lisa baden. >> the were some road work overnight in springfield. the beltway it was close. but that is now all gone. traffic is moving nicely on both sides of the beltway. all of the talk on the cb is about a vehicle fire. it is on 95 northbound at about mile-marker 122. only the left lane is getting by. it was a disabled
, a washington, d.c. party promoter, never got close to the president although named by "the washington post" the alleged gate crasher adamantly denies he was ever at that event. >>> here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. a washington state family returned from vacation to find a holiday lawn ornament stolen and the crime caught on camera. a man seen walking his dog with a woman approached the porridge, unplugged the penguin ornament and just ran off with it. the family's 10-year-old daughter bought the sea bird with their savings. >>> farmers are doing everything they can in florida from keeping the winter blast from ruining their profit. the ice insulates the fruit why overnight frost and protect the flowers so they produce more strawberri strawberries. >>> a chicago man set a record without moving. jeff miller won the annual couch potato contest for the third straight year. miller watched sports for 72 straight hours without sleeping. he left his chair only once every eight hours to use the restroom. and now for a look at your national and regional weather
: speculation about the burgundy and gold's future filled washington's airwaves. out with the old and in with who? radio host and former redskins linebacker levar arrington is cautionly optimistic about a mike shanahan coaching change. >> he wants things done his way. if he's able to come in here and do things his way, do they have an opportunity? i think they have a fair shot of being successful. >> reporter: fans also have a wait and see outlook. they say they're tired of having their hearts broken. >> is john elway coming back, too? if we can get elway, it will be great. >> we'll see. time will tell. mike shanahan has what i call a retread. i think the redskins are going to the abyss. >> reporter: this seemingly covert operation, the wheeling and dealing, in the end, some wonder if a new gm and coach will bring the big "w." based on his past experiences, arrington isn't so sure. >> to insinuate that they won't get micromanaged because they're not those type of guys might sound good, but we all know once you sign on the dotted line, you know the story. whoever decides to be the
carroll sell stops in washington. -- coaching carousel stops in washington. >> victimized twice. a courthouse should out in vegas. -- shootout in vegas. the battle over the bachelor and one watch party locally. >> this is abc 7 news at 11 on your side. >> thes bitter cold temperatures are here to stay. showing no sign of going away. >> it will be cold. the winds are diminishing and just a bit. let me show you what i mean. a lot of numbers in the low 20's. 24 in woodbridge. feeling like it is in the low teens. 17 in leesburg. temperatures will drop a bit. mostly cloudy and wins wilds diminish. 24 in downtown. another sunny and breezy and chilly day. we will check the seven-day forecast in a minute. >> closings at a few schools in the area. maryland schools are on a two hour delay. we are not alone. >> this winter is shaping up to be the coldest nationwide in a century. the call this temperatures and some lake effect snow led to slippery roads. not even floridians could escape the low temperatures. that has citrus farmers worried their crops could be in danger. the coldesdoug will
dejarse contar en este censo en washington dc jose angel aguirre univision en el condado de fairfax, la campana para que todos úúúseamo empadronados en el cen 2010 comenzara el jueves y por úúúúúa como, o quienes colocaron un muneco colgand uificio y que representaria al presidente barack obama.. ocurrio en el pueblo de plains, en georgia, zona de donde es originario el ex presidente jimmy carter... el portavoz del servicio secreto dijo a 0p0p0t0p0p0p0p0t0p0t0t0tp nuestra region, entre los mas afectados por esta ola de frio estan los jornaleros o tienen otra alternativa que esperar bajo estas condiciones por un trabajo..claudia uceda tiene mas de esta situacion. y sus peligros.. unos saltan, algunos mueven sus pies de izquiera a derecha para entrar en calor , y otros ,recurren a las bebidas calientes ... "el chocolate le mantiene a uno el organismo normal pues! " " compramos un cafecito aca para calentarnos un poquito porque la verdad es que hace demasiado frio" estos jornaleros buscan trabajo desesperadamente en las esquinas... el frio, no l
to abstain from your marks, if elected. >> washington got a little cut sent back with any mark. they are smarter than that. let's stop sending those tax dollars to washington in the first place. >> in the name of transparency, he has earmarked request on his web page. it is the first skirmish in what is expected to be a tough and expensive rematch. both sides spent more than $5 million combined last time. >> wateville is currently minute -- currently winning the money race. he has raised twice as much as his opponent. not good news for andy harris who needs a lot of cash if republican senator pitkin mounts a primary challenge like he did last time. >> no pay hikes for lawmakers for these two years and there are significant restrictions for future salary raises. it comes on the backlash that members of us -- of the general assembly are in position to give themselves a raise this year. this comes in the midst of high unemployment, cutbacks, layoffs and furloughs. >> late this afternoon the house speaker michael bush and senate president mike miller issued a joint statement reject
of power in 2010. >> one of washington's most influential columnists is demanding the white house social secretary, the obamas' close friend, be fired. >> google shags up the mobile phone market. a new smart phone that could pose a threat to the popular iphone. all that plus how to stay occupied during those really long delays caused by airport security. ♪ >>> t >>> "the big picture" starts right now. good afternoon. i'm david shuster live in washington. >> i'm tamron hall live in new york. we have breaking news this hour out of california. meadows field airport, bakersfield, california, it is about to reopen at this hour after being temporarily shut down when two tsa baggage screeners were overcome by fumes emitted from a checked bag. joining us on the phone is misty reid, a reporter. misty, what else can you tell bus this bag? as i said already, they are reopening the airport sit self. >> reporter: i can tell you that there were earlier media reports locally that the substance found may have been tnt. but we haven't confirmed that yet. i know that they are about to reopen it and the
from washington. come blog with us. >> tonight... the new year not starting well for the obama administration. most americans want the military to handle the latest captured terrorists. >> why not treat them as enemy combatant? try to get more information out of them? >> we'll have a number of reports on american security in the age of obama. >> my message to tiger would be tiger go to the chri chris -- christian faith. >> brit hume with religious advice. mr. hume will be here. >> good evening, it's so good to be here with you tonight. 50 and bernie goldberg has been watching diane sawyer's anchor debut. and the new team at good morning america, bernie has thoughts. >> caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching the first factor of the new decade. happy new year, hope you had a nights break. now, unfortunately we're back to reality and it's not pretty. america's national security is the subject of the talking points memo. president obama's christmas could not have been calm after that loon from nig
it. host: thank you for your call. in the op ed section of " washington times -- of "the washington times" this morning "democrats keeping health care secrets away from the public. it might be a new year, but congressional democrats are planning the same old sorts of sleazy tactics in their bid to take over america's health-care system. congressional republicans, especially in the senate, should lot let them get away with it. transparency and ethics should be republican rallying cries, and obstruction on those grounds should be a point of pride. by now it's almost right to complain that president obama repeatedly has broken his campaign pledge to broadcast negotiations on c-span so that american people and see what the choices are. that does not make that point invalid. for legislation that could so profoundly and personally affected the lives of every american, congress and the white house should be more transparent and accessible than ever before. instead, the process has been secretive and sorted throughout ." salisbury, maryland. that morning. -- good morning. your thoughts on t
union station here in washington d.c.. northbound and southbound trains are delayed because of a fatal accident involving a 14- year-old girl. investigators say that the train struck and killed the girl while she was on her way to school in middle river, baltimore county. at this point we are not sure how long the trains along the northeast corridor will be delayed. but stay tuned to 9 news now and we will have the latest information there >>> president obama has summoned his top advisers to the white house. where he will outline sweeping new security measures at airports. after the foiled christmas day attack on an american jet bound for to detroit. joel brown has more. >> reporter: president obama will announce steps to strengthen airline security. he's called a meeting of his 20 top advisers at the white house to go over the new strategy. he wants to improve terror watch list systems and close information loopholes the the challenge is to make sure agencies are combining data so no one slips through the cracks. >> you always want to be in the business of prevention.
but updated lists are not yet deployed. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. >> we are waiting for president obama to speak. we'll bring that to you as soon as he comes out. >>> there was a security scare in bakersfield, california, today. a checked bag tested positive for possible traces of hazardous materials. two tsa workers were reportedly overcome by fumes from the substance. the airport was evacuated and flights in and out of the airport were suspended. a hazmat team determined the substance was not explosive. >>> tonight, secret service is investigating a third person who was able to crash the white house state winner last november. the "washington post" identified the uninvited guest as carlos allen, a d.c. party promoter. allen is founder of hush society magazine. he was a guest here in november when he discussed his organization's plan to provide thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate. allen reportedly came into the party with the indian delegation. secret service is trying to determine how the salahis got into that dinner. the president was never in any danger bec
and 7:00 a.m. in washington we're in a few hours president obama will discuss major changes in the way american security services operate in the wake of the failed airline bombing. an al qaeda double agent was a responsible for blowing up seven cia officers and one jordanian at their afghan base last week. more on that in a moment, but first a report on a president who wants answers. >> this is one flight that probably didn't enforce the new security rules, but the president returned from his holiday knowing it is down to him to keep america safe, and he has work to do. first, mr. obama had a lengthy meeting with his top counterterrorism adviser, john brennan, leading the inquiry about how this airplane came so close to blowing up in the sky. the secretary of state will be one at the height meeting -- high-level meeting at the white house. >> we are looking to see if whether the procedures need to be changed, upgraded. we will be meeting with the president to go over our internal reviews and hear what others in our government also have concluded and to take whatever additional steps ne
on christmas. but first, mr. obama meets with his top security officials. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this meeting is really a first step to improving communication in the intelligence community. the president is mostly focused on two areas, the u.s. terror watch list and airline screening. president obama plans to layout new steps today aimed at keeping the skies safe. he'll make the public statement after his big security meeting with officials this afternoon. they'll discuss how a nigerian man allegedly came so close to blowing up a u.s. jetliner and more importantly how to avoid another attack. >> with the terrorist on the plane coming in to detroit, we are not satisfied. >> reporter: secretary of state hillary clinton will be just one of the 20 agency heads at today's briefing. on monday, she vow order to close any gaps in the nation's security net. >> we're looking to see whether those procedures need to be changed, upgraded. >> reporter: some changes are already under way. the government has added dozens of name
. temperatures are running in the 20s here in washington with a northwest wind at 16 and a windchill of 16. everybody in the 20s. you probably in the 20s as well. orange, 19. windchills this morning down in the teens, just about everywhere. kind of like it has been. another tough morning. let's go to the seven-day forecast. temperatures warm up a little bit toward thursday. here's that clipper thursday night to friday morning. highs friday and saturday in the 20s and sunday, barely up to 30. it is 5:17. angie goff has your traffic update. >> so far, so good. i'm looking at smooth commute across our region. hello, everybody. so glad you could join us. a little after 5:00 a.m., no problems to report here through centerville, all the way up to the capital beltway. let's move it over to the inner loop, 95 up to 66. i like what i see. nice green cars. we are moving at a great pace. 270 headed southbound, a little bit of a shaky shot for you. down to the split. looks like a nice and quiet commute still tracking those headlights. back to the maps we go, 95 and the bw parkway past 198 towards pow
the president and that criticism deeply offended the "washington post," which editorialized, quote, with dick cheney in the lead, they have embarked on an ugly course to use the attempted bombing incident to inflict political damage on president obama. what's worse, the claim that the incident shows the president's wrecklessness on the war on terror. >> that's the liberal view. but here is the truth. president obama has promoted a number of policies that most americans feel are not tough enough on al-qaeda. for example, new rasmussen polls says 71% of americans believe the nigerian bomber should be handled by the military. not tried in civilian court. more on that later. fox news anchor chris wallace asked his counter terrorism guy john brennan about that situation. >> why not treat him as an enemy combatant, put him in a secret prison, use the interrogation techniques that president obama has specifically approved and try to get more information out of him? >> well, we have an array of tools we will use and we want to make sure we maintain flexibility as far as how we deal with these individ
that was able to crash the white house state dinner in november. the "washington post" identified the uninvited guest as carlos allen. he's a d.c. party promoter and founding of hush society magane. he was a guest here back in november when he talked about his organization's plan to provide thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate. allen came into the party with the iian delegation. allen reportedly denies being at the party at all. meanwhile, the secret service is trying to figure out how the salahis got into the dinner. the president was never in any danger because the uninvited guests went through a security sweep. >>> these days, people feel quite fortunate to get a paycheck, but a new survey finds that americans seem to be unhappier than ever with their jobs. brian mooar has our report. >> reporter: unhappy at work? you're in good company. a new survey shows only 45% of americans are satisfied with their jobs. >> wages, bonus policy, vacation policy, recognition, communication channels. it's just about every aspect of our jobs that we're much less satisfied than we were several years ago.
on all of it tonight with pete williams at the department of homeland security in washington. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, about 2,000 flights a day arrive in the u.s. from overseas. now the department of homeland security is requiring more intensive screening for ma of the passengers who fly on them, including some americans. among the first of the world's airports to adopt the new rules were benazir bhutto international in pakistan and germany's largest airport in frankfurt. >> i'd rather have a little more time in my travels and a safe efficient ride than something bad happen. >> reporter: airlines that fly to the u.s. from overseas must now give full-body patdowns and physically inspect the luggage of all travelers from or traveling through countries considered high risk. 14 countries where terror groups are known to operate or draw support including nigeria where the accused christmas day bomb plotter is from. and other overseas passengers must be selected at random, including some returning americans for the same enhanced screening. >> we have provided now for 100% enhan
and that's why he is here in washington. the redskins, that's what they need. someone to lead them all the way to win the super bowl. mike shanahan has two super bowl rings. he is on the brink of accepting his third head coaching position if redskins owner comes to an agreement and does it before another nfl team intercepts. after a disappointing season, squeezing out only four victory, flying shanahan to the capital, signals that sense of urgency that must be in the works. general manager, bruce allen declined to discuss zorn's likely successor, when most knew shanahan was in route to washington. allen did make it clear, they will bring in a true leader. >> we need to find the passionate coach, a winning coach that can come in and lead the men that were in this room earlier. >> he also said, what we are looking for is someone who can lead these men that had in our locker room to levels they haven't played before. >> remember, mike shanahan has $14 million left on his contract with the broncos. he could sit out on the porch this season. that's a possibility, but most believe an agre
anything new but tell you what. washington wants a guy who has done it before. somebody who will walk in the doors here at redskins park and shake things up. the redskins fundamentally believe that mike shanahan is the one who will bring out the best in these players. and lead them to more victories than losses. mike shanahan has two super bowl rings with the denver broncos. he spent two years with the raiders. he now is on the brink of accepting the third head coaching position if redskins owner dan snyder comes to an agreement and does it before another nfl team intercepts the leading prospect. and the redskins have publicly admitted the franchise has taken an aggressive approach to turn the team around after a disappointing season squeezing out over four victories. drawing shanahan in the nation's capital in a private jet triggers a sense of urge ji and talks that -- urgency and talks that must be in works. and bruce allen denied talking about the successor when most knew shanahan was en route to washington. allen did make it clear, they will bring in a true leader. >> we need to f
around the region. 28-degree in washington. 26 in baltimore. dulles at 27 degrees. winchester, 4 and at ocean city, it is 26 degrees. your forecast for today looks like this. you will see a mix of clouds and sun. i think mostly clouds i'm few flurries possible through the course of the day. highs in the mid 0s. let's get to julie wright to get an update on traffic. >> we'll check out the ride courtesy of the crew in sky fox. the beltway is not looking so bad. for those traveling off of northbound i-95, you are definitely slow as you work your way northbound leaving potomac mills headed out towards route one. you will find more slow traffic as you work your way out of newington headed up to the springfield interchange. traffic headed northbound slowing out of springfield north of 644 continuing across the beltway and out towards edsall road and up towards duke street. this is pretty typical for your morning commute. below speed headed out towards landmark and the traffic slows again crossing the 14th street bridge headed out towards the exits for the southeast- southwest freeway.
, commander of u.s. central command, made a surprise visit to yemeni leaders. joining me now from washington, eric schmitt of the "new york times," steve coll of the "new yorker" magazine, gregory johnson, here in new york richard barrett a former british intelligence officer who has been with the united nations for the last five years. i am pleased to have all of them here for this broadcast. let me begin with richard barrett. where do you think we are today and what does what happened in yemen and what is unfolding in yemen say to us about the battle against sdmaeld >> well, it says the threat from al qaeda is very present, of course, and al qaeda is a resilient organization. nonetheless, i don't think the event of christmas day should obscure the fact that we made tremendous progress against al qaeda over the last two years in particular and i think al qaeda in most areas of the world where it operates-- and it's increasingly operating in ungoverned areas like the after/pakistan border and the algerian border and so on-- they're being forced to concentrate on areas, including yemen, to re
raddatz, abc news, sanaa, yemen. >>> our thanks to martha. and back to washington. a stunning piece of video today, surfacing on that third white house party crasher. he's a washington party planner. pierre thomas picks up the story. >> reporter: this man gets out of a van, looks around once, then proceeds right through the front door of the white house to the state dinner. there's just one problem. carlos allen, who appears to be the man in this video, a washington, d.c. socialite and party giver, was not invited to the party. it appears the salahis were not the only uninvited guests at that state dinner. >> it's unacceptable and it's got to be corrected. >> reporter: sources tell abc news allen mingled with the indian delegation which gathered at washington's willard hotel. there, the group went through an initial security screening as requested by the indian government. it's unclear if allen was ever asked to show identification. when the group arrived at the white house by van, secret service personnel then waved them in, no names checked, assuming everyone in the van was suppos
't beat it. >> reporter: who needs a winning lottery ticket, in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >>> metro working to keep riders satisfied. the agency is trying to improve the safety image with new s. one of those is raising eyebrows. posted on the blog unstuck d.c. metro, the poster shows a group of about 60 metro bus drivers and reads these are some of the metro bus operators who know whrait means to go farther. they have driven more than 1 million accident free miles. there aren't quite as many million milers if you want -- as they want you to think. it appears a number of the people are photo shopped into the ad multiple times. here is the same driver twice. another y appears three times. either metro hired a lot of twins, triplets or there is more than meets the eye here. we contacted are the for comment. so far, haven't heard back. >>> do a double take when we see some of these potential snow totals coming our way. >> in the mountains, four days of up sloped snow. my family in erie, they got 18 inches. my nephew totaled his car in a white out. he's okay. the cold will sti
and the party crashing salahis? good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. president obama is demanding answers today from his security and counter terror teams. in-depth report from leaders on where the investigation now stands. attorney general eric holder will being on the christmas day bombing suspect. how to detect security threats at the borders, counter terror adviser john brennan will be offering his review of just what went wrong. that, plus the latest, of course, from the intelligence chiefs. chuck todd is our correspondent there. welcome back from balmy hawaii to the cold white house lawn. >> reporter: yeah. >> a rude awakening for the president and you and everyone else on the team. what is the mood from the white house going into this critical meeting? >> i think the white house feels they are actually in control of the situation better this week than last week. it's tough to handle the public relations aspect of all this from afar while the white house always moves with the president and he certainly has all the same access to information, the pr management of this has bee
times," front payable of "the washington post," the story we talked about yesterday morning on the show. >> yes, richard engel broke it on the show. didn't you call "the new york times" about the cia double agent bomber? >> last week. >> oh, right. well, that's too bad. but that's great that richard got that story together and it's an incredible piece, both front page of "the new york times" and "the washington post" this morning. >> it's a very important story. the cia still reeling from it. >> the president also is demanding a meeting with security officials today. and this is interesting, joe. after agencies did not share information ahead of that attempted plane attack. it comes as the u.s. embassy has reopened in yemen. >> yeah, they've got problems doing that. in local news, let me ask you this and willie. the jets' owner daughter died a real tragedy right after a big one for them. just a game. but that's a sad story. >> very sad story. he's a lovely guy, and he's been active in a lot of charitable work. it's really just heartbreaking. the whole circumstance of her death is really
's go back to washington. this is the scene live in the grand foyer. our main story, that president obama is meeting with top intelligence and security officials. we expect the president to speak in the next few moments. as we wait for him to leave that meeting and speak to the assembled media, let's speak to philip thomas. he has been away for 11 days in hawaii, and as well as the obvious security measures we think he will be announcing today, something of a damage limitation exercise politically for him. >> he wants to be in control, chris, firm, and share some of the outrage that america is feeling and show that he acknowledges the national sense of shock out there. there has been a great deal of criticism over the fact that after christmas day -- it seemed to take a few days for the white house to get its message together. he will be announcing policy changes, and we are hearing a bit of that already, with the decision for example not to repatriate yen many criminals -- yemeni criminals. >> is anybody in the firing line for the mistakes that have been made? >> i think people wil
and the fox all-stars, right here, right now. >> bret: welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. the middle eastern nation of yemen is under the global microscope, following reports that the al-qaeda branch is seeking to become a major player in global terrorism. senior white house correspondent major garrett reports on how the u.s. is dealing with the increasingly dangerous situation. >> president obama and the first family arrived in the frigid nation's capital as the pursuit unfolded half a world away in yemen, as the government was criticized for lackluster terror attacks in the past, launched new attacks outside the capital. hillary clinton after meeting with the prime minister of you tar qatar called yemen a top concern. >> we see the ongoing efforts by al-qaeda in yemen to use it as a base for terrorist attacks far beyond the region. >> the u.s. embassy remained closed for a second day as to the british and french embassy. japan, germany and the czech republic sensing peril closed their embassy today. the al-qaeda threats to the embassy intensified recently. >> they are targeting our
with the quarterback situation. jason campbell becomes a restricted free agent. will he be back with the washington redskins? i cannot know how mike shanahan feels about it but bruce allen shared this with us. >> anyway, bruce allen said that mike -- that jason kendall will be the quarterback and he thinks his best is yet to come. we have been talking about the gilbert irinas situation. he admits bringing out the guns was stupid. he may have to face the grand jury if a plea deal is not reached. how does this affect the washington wizards? >> we are focusing on basketball and trying to win games. the tension and this ballclub has been pretty strong. >> the wizards are in philadelphia tonight. the capitals have lost three straight. the play montreal. the have not won since they traded awayheir captain. how can it be anybody except for alexander ovechkin? he is the best player on the planet. >> d.c. united has formally announced a new head coach. he is the sixth head coach in the history of the team. out here at redskins park, it is like being at the vatican awaiting the announcement of the new pope.
informacion mas importante de los hispanos en washington las ultimas noticias lo mas sobresaliente de los deportes el reporte del clima los espectaculos mas calientes del area participa en las ultimas promociones y ofertas de la estacion el portal de los latinos en washington >> carlos beltrÁn leiva. >> no figura en la lista de los mas buscados, pero se quedÓ a cargo de la parte administrativa. >> hay otros hermanos, creo que la autoridad va a ir sobre la barbie. >> los de la marina habÍan anunciado que lo atraparÍan. >> el presidente felipe calderÓn habló sobre su compromiso para mantener la lucha contra las bandas criminales. >> seguiremos actuando contra los que amenazan la libertad de la gente, a los que quieren que vivamos con miedo.oraivisioultia >>oracomenzaron a cumplir las advertencias de la dea, luego m cerrado casi 200 farmacias por problemas de inseguridad.ultiorn de la condena de alberto fujimori. >> soy inocente! >> su paso por los tribunales no pudo ser peor, 25 aÑos de prisiÓn, el ex sahfikpresidente obtendrÍa su libertad e
to washington, it was back to work with president obama starting with a meeting with a counterterrorism adviser. they have a meeting today at the white house to talk security and intelligence advisers on the attempted christmas day bombing. >> we are conducting an internal review. the president has called for a full government to review. >> it is expected to dominate discussion as officials try to address problems in the system that allowed a man to smuggle eight explosive device on fight despite warnings about him. >> it was on carry on like it. >> they want to include body scans and other measures to catch people suspected of terrorist activity. the president will address these issues today most likely. white house officials say he will talk more about strengthening the watch list to prevent a future terrorist attack. in washington, wbal-tv. >> a state commission will begin discussions on possible pay raises for legislators. despite concerns, the state constitution allows the races once every four years. all members will determine if they should be granted a raise. maryland is ranked 10th in
to a report from the middle east media research institute based in washington, d.c., jordanian newspaper reports are quoting government sources there, saying that this man was not a jordanian and did not work with jordanian intelligence. so clearly there is more to learn on all this. >> jonathan hunt on the new developments as we know them regarding this jordanian. jonathan is taking your questions in a live chat ed addition, fox you can see it circled on your screen. you can put in the questions and he'll give you answers. right now at fox new details with a suspect in the thanksgiving family massacre here in the u.s. one of the victims, this little girl, her father patrolling his home with a shotgun until at least the killer was captured. tonight he's put down that gun. but the family's trauma is far from over. the father's story and brand-new information in his own words next. we know it's supposed to be cold in january. but for many of you, it's bordering on ridiculous, not to mention dangerous. details on the deep freeze in the east coast and how long i
look at the washington monument. i always love that shot. you can always tell how windy it is by how much the cameras shaking there. it is shaking a little bit today but not as much as yesterday. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox 5 morning news. if only you could see the cold out there. one quick school delay. in garrett county, schools or a two-hour delay in western maryland because of the weather. >> it is cold out again today. you know, tony, i noticed that the ice on the sides of the road is still there. you got to be careful. >> our temperatures have barely gotten above freezing. yesterday, i think we made it to 34 degrees. i do think we'll get a tad warmer than yesterday but still in the 30s. we do have some snow flurries out there here and there this morning. here is a look at what is happening. u see the streamers coming through here. some snow showers coming across portions of the washington area, maryland, portions of northern virginia and into southern maryland as well. not expecting any significant accumulation. this is light snow. you could see a
of the washington capitals. our analyst joining me now. >> in a way it is. i expect the best player to be the captain. i think they did the right thing. >> reporter: there were other names like brooks and knuble. >> without a doubt he's the best player every night and i think it's a no-brainer. >> reporter: can he lead this team inside the locker room? is he a vocal leader? >> from everything i'm told he's the vocal leader. he's the guy they follow and he's the guy that stance stands up and he will always stand up and be counted. a greatert great leader with rob. he did his leading on the ice. >> reporter: i was told alex wanted to be the leader but it was important, heaved i want to be the captain but only if my teammate want me to. >> he wants his teammates to respect him and he wants to be the leader. he's a leader every night on the ice and there's absolutely no doubt he should be the go-to- guy. >> semyon varlamov out for for an injury. ninety fourith to make a start. jose theodore is disappointed he doesn't get to play not to mention one of his former teams. >> neurith has
officials were concerned small lee extremists might set off explosives in washington, d.c., as president obama took the oath of office. they did not know it was a false alarm. defense secretary, robert gates was taken to a secret location, just in case. >> one thing agreed was to keep robert gates, the defense security in a secret location in case the worse happened and everybody were to be killed in a catastrophic event, he could take over the presidency. >> it turned out to be a little more than just a rumor. >>> gilbert arenas was just playing a joke when he pulled guns out in the locker room. you have new wrinkles for us. >> it's a joke that nobody finds funny. gilbert arenas admits he drew a gun, but was kidding around. a voluntary meeting with authorities. he took four unloaded guns out to play a joke on a teammate. he never threatened or assaulted anyone. he recognizes it was a mistake. he stored them in the locker to keep them away from his children. he could be looking at punishment by the league and the law. >>> plaxico burris is in jail on gun charges. devin harris thinks 75%
at airports. from washington, he is pushing his security team to prevent another lapse like the close call on christmas day. >> reporter: president obama wants his national security team to pursue better ways to screen passengers and coordinate the terrorist watch list. >> when a suspected terrorist is able to aboard a plane with explosives on christmas day, the system has failed in a disasterrous way. >>> dozens of suspected terrorists have been added today that bases and the administration ordering airlines in 14 countries to give full body patdowns to every passenger heading to the u.s. but president obama says that best way to prevent another breakdown like the one that allowed a man to board a plane with explosives in his underwear is to make sure they're sharing intelligence we have to do better and we will do better. >> reporter: a full report on the botched attacks is still weeks away. the tsa is rushing to add body scanners across the country. security experts say they're necessary. >> most americans want to hear leadership and want to hear, if it's a tough call between securit
. 30 in downtown washington. gusty winds at times and wind chills running into the low 20's. we will hang on to a fair amount of clout. we will drop through the 20's. and the overnight hours, only limited clearing. air temperature is 18 to 25. towards the end of the week, there is a possibility of some snow late thursday and into friday. another blast of arctic air. we will have all the details coming up. >>> before you head out tonight, go to the weather section of people find the current temperature of words you live and where you are going. >>> a woman had her baby literally cut out of her womb. she had to face the woman accused of attacking her. brad bell is live with the victim and what they're saying about this shocking crime. >> they are still very angry and cannot believe it happened. they are tremendously emotional. the mother who was attacked actually ran out of the courtroom when she first laid eyes on the woman who came at her with a knife. in the prince george's county courthouse, she came face to face with her attacker for the first time since she escaped
. as we look at the temperatures now, just getting to near the freezing mark. 33 in washington at reagan national airport. elsewhere, it's right around 30 degrees. and we have the sunshine that has increased after the morning cloudiness and a few passing flurries. right now windchills are in the upper teens to around 20 degrees. so the winds are not as blustery. these are the current wind gusts. we've seen gusts to around 20 to 25 miles an hour and that's going to be the story for the rest of the afternoon. it's cold out in the mountains, again, there, still subfreezing and down into the teens. they started off this morning just near 10 degrees. now it's in the upper teens there and near 30 on the eastern shore. over the last six hours, we've seen the cloud cover breaking up and we'll have quite a bit of sunshine throughout the rest of the afternoon, but a few clouds racing through may produce a few passing flurries. highs just reaching the mid-30s and the northwest winds gusting around 10 to 25 miles an hour. could get a few more flurries overnight tonight. we'll talk about that and loo
. >> expected to reveal new steps to strengthen the security system. viviana hurtado joins us from washington with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jeremy and linsey. it focuses on two questions, what went wrong is one. the cia, the national security agency, and the state department, this is a partial list of the agencies the president is demanding give him an accounting of the nation's security after the foiled christmas day terror plot. >> we are not satisfied. we are conducting an internal review. the president has called for a whole of government review. >> reporter: today in the situation room fbi director robert mueller will give the president an update on the investigation. attorney general eric holder will report on the prosecution of umar farouk abdulmutallab. then there are the reviews the president ordered of the airport screening system including the new measures being implemented which will be provided by homeland security secretary janet napolitano and the intelligence community's failures presented by john brennan, his top counterterrorism adviser. >> i think
, an announcement expected sometime soon from the washington redskins regarding who will be their new head coach. >> of course, jim zorn is out and this morning, speculation that former denver broncos coach mike shanahan is in. lindsey murphy joins us live from redskins park with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we can't say for sure that mike shanahan is the redskins new head coach. what i can say for sure is he is in town. he did have a business meeting with dan snyder and bruce allen to talk about where the franchise is heading. and of course that, coaching vacancy. according to some reports, the redskins started talking with shanahan last month. mike shanahan has won two super bowls in 14 seasons with the broncos. he was fired a year ago after denver missed the playoffs for the third straight season. if all went well at dinner last night with snyder and allen, shanahan could be in contract talks as we speak. now, if we don't hear today, expect the 'skins to have a new head coach in place in the next couple of days. players say they won't mind in that head coach is mike sh
is increasing 1.5%. northrop grumman is moving its headquarters to washington, d.c. from los angeles. it is considering locations in maryland. the move is expected to happen in 2011. reporting for wbal-tv. >> fighting breast cancer can be a frightening and emotional journey. for some women, after they have seemingly won their battle, breast cancer strikes again. there are things you can locally for risk of getting it the second time. >> in recent study looked at what women should do to avoid developing breast cancer is second time. >> the most important thing is take anti-estrogen medication if you have a certain type of cancer. >> many women do not take these medicines because of side effects. >> do can always talk to your position if we do not tell it one medication well to switch to another one. >> obesity, and drinking too much alcohol and smoking increases the risk significantly. lifestyle changes could cut your risk in half starting with a balanced diet. >> exercise to lose weight to get to the goal weight which would be healthy. alcohol does not have to be completely abstained
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